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14 ' Inflatable kayak

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14 ft inflatable  kayak 2 person sport 14 ft inflatable  kayak 2 person sport

    This model is quite the remarkable inflatable kayak, drawn to passengers seeking a supportive and comfortable drift in our fourteen footer. Reliability is a major plus, snug and strong foundation bringing the PVC into effect, keeping the passengers comfortable and safe. The 14' kayak comes along with 2 thwarts, the nose and tail has a peak strong edge, forcing the water to glide with the kayak easily and supportively. The exterior was built to last a lifetime, non comparison to other essential kayaks. This raft can glide remote areas due to its strongly built potential. Affordability isn't a question, built to strive and dominate the waters; this roughed kayak brings less maintenance to the table using the strong PVC material. Along side of the kayak contains rubber lining securing the quickness and glide of the kayak, also ensuring water repellent. The floorboard is high pressure inflatable decking, which supports the riders support, soft seated thus making it easy to stroke through calm waters.

14 ' Inflatable kayak  Sale Price :  701 CAD

Shipping :  77 CAD

Model: GYK380    upc:763985863205


Floor design : High pressure inflatable floor     
Overall length : 14' ( 430 cm )     
Overall Width : 3'     
Tube Diameter : 13" (33 cm)     
Air Chambers : 3 + 2 Thwarts     
Persons Capacity : 2     
Weight Capacity : 700 lbs     
Shipping weight : 45 lbs     
Shipping Size : 45 x 24 x 13"     
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