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Aluminum floor for 7.5 inflatable boat

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Aluminum floor for 7.5 ft inflatable boat dinghy Aluminum floor for 7.5 ft inflatable boat dinghy

    Aluminum deck is most durable floor currently available on the market. This sectional aluminum floor is designed for 7.5 ' inflatable boat.
First floor board (bow) piece made of marine grade plywood with a marine coating. The main pieces made of non-skid aluminum.
Please visit Sectional Hard Floor Assembly for hard floor assembly manual.
If you are concerned about overall weight of the boat or planning inflate/deflate your boat often we can offer you hight pressure air deck for 7.5 ft inflatable boat .

Aluminum floor for 7.5 inflatable boat  Sale Price :  260 CAD

Shipping :  39 CAD

Model: ALFLR230    upc:763985863281


Total Length : 54 1/4 " (148 cm)     
Total Width : 32 " (80 cm)      
Total Weight : 24.8 lbs (11.25 kb)     
Shipping weight : 32 lbs (14.5kg)     
Shipping size : 35 " x  25 " x 4 "     

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