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Cayman B 55 lbs Electric Motor Bow Mount

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Bow mount trolling motor 12 volts 55 lbs w remote control CAYMAN Bow mount trolling motor 12 volts 55 lbs w remote control CAYMAN
Bow mount trolling motor Cayman 55 Haswing
CAYMAN B  trolling MOTOR HASWING bow Mount
Bow mount trolling motor 55 lbs with remote control
Bow mount trolling motor 12 volts 55 lbs w remote control Bow mount trolling motor 12 volts 55 lbs with remote control

    Electric 12 volts bow mount trolling motor with wireless remote control and battery life LED meter.
CAYMAN B 55 lbs bow mount trolling motor equipped with a wireless hand control, galvanic cathodic protection (sacrificial anode) and encapsulated electronics. Supplied standard with all the necessary stainless steel nuts and bolts to fit straight onto the boat, or option up with our quick release plate with a foot print of just 5 inches (120mm) x 8 inches (200mm) when not in use. Battery Level Meter indicate how much battery life you have left with the LED power meter.
Adjustable mounting bracket.
Quiet 55 lbs motor.
Suitable for freshwater and saltwater. Voltage: 12V DC

1.Before the operation Please use deep cycle battery for your motor . Improper use of battery would cause damage to the motor Make sure the motor is off during the onshore period Please make sure the motor is off (handle on neutral),before connecting the battery. Personal life-jacket is needed at all time. And choose a good weather for your outdoor activity Turn the motor off (handle on neutral) to slow down the boat's speed. Tilting the motor to prevent impact when entering the shallow water area. Beware of the swimmer and your surrounding during the operation. Remove sundries from the propeller and wash off the motor ,especially after the saltwater use 2.Mounting the trolling motor Make sure the motor is battery disconnected during the mounting and dis mounting or onshore period Mounting the trolling motor on the centerline of the boat ,tighten the clamp screws 3.Battery connection and power reader Make sure the motor is off (handle on neutral), while connecting the battery Select a compatible battery -- please use deep cycle battery for your motor .improper use of battery would cause damage to the motor Connecting the battery --connect the red motor cable (+) to the positive battery terminal (+), black cable (-) to the negative terminal and fasten it Put the battery in a ventilated place The motor has a power reader to display a real time battery level. Full light indicate a full power charge condition. The light will go off when the power is continue to decline .please recharge the battery when it reduces to 20%. 4.trouble shooting and solving method What if the motor fails to run or lack of power ? Make sure the motor cable is connected properly Check if the cable terminals clean and corrosion free Make sure the battery is full .please recharge it when the battery is empty Make sure there is no fishing line or weeds caught in the propeller .please detach and clean up the propeller if there is sundries got caught inside the prop(WARNING : make sure the motor is disconnected from the battery) What if the motor hard to steering? Check if the steering tension screw is loosened Clean the motor shaft and apply lubricant to the fasteners and turning parts Make sure the underwater condition is fine and nothing blocks the way . 5.Motor Vibration Make sure the propeller is installed properly Inspect the propeller and the drive pin conditions ,replace it if necessary Disconnect the battery cable and examine it by turning the propeller manually,motor shall turn freely with a slight magnetic drag. Internal damage might occur if motor is blacked or locked . Stop use it and contact our customer service For all other malfunctions not listed above ,please contact our customer service . 6.Maintenance Please wash and clean the motor and propeller intensively after use as per manual,caused by improper use of surface corrosion or damage to the motor is not covered by warranty Clean up all the sundries on or inside the propeller after use Apply lubricant to the turning parts regularly and use proper tool to fasten the part Apply rust prevention to the cable and battery terminals after every use Store the motor in a good ventilated place and keep it dry To avoid hazards , do not use the motor in the intricate water Do not crash or put heavy things on top the motor

Cayman B 55 lbs Electric Motor Bow Mount  Sale Price :  650 CAD

Shipping :  130 CAD

Model: 507002    upc:9580208507002


Thrust Level : 55 pounds (lbs) trust      
Shaft Length : 48 inches/122 cm     
Voltage : 12 volts      
Speed control : 10 speed settings     
Build in battery meter : 5 levels battery indication      
Output (Max) : 540 Watt      
Amp -Rated : 44 - 55 amps      
Conrol Handle : Wireless control 150 ft range( optional foot      
Mount type : Bow Mount     
Propeller : 3 blade propeller      
Max size boat recommended : 6 m (20 foot) / max load 500kg ( 1100 lbs)     
Packing size : 61 " (156 cm)  x 16 "(42 cm)  x  11 " (26 cm)     
Net weight : 30.8 lbs (14 kg)     
Package weight : 44 lbs (20 kg)     

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