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Delta Anchor 7.5 kg stainless 16.5 lb 

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Delta anchor 16 lb  7.5 kg for 30 ft boat Delta anchor 16 lb  7.5 kg for 30 ft boat
Stainless Delta Anchor for 30 ft Boat 16 lb 7.5 kg

    Delta Anchor 7.5 kg stainless 16 lb
The Delta anchor is constructed of high-grade stainless steel for maximum tensile strength.
Style: Non-Hinged Plow
Material: Stainless steel
Application: All bottoms Boats
Pros: Strong, one-piece construction. Narrow cross-section shank for deep penetration. Self-launching design makes it ideal for windlasses
Cons: Limited holding power in mud.
16 lb Delta anchor designed for 29' - 32' BOAT * Boat size is listed for guidance only. Anchor sizing depends on many factors such as boat weight, windage, etc. When in doubt, move up a model size or two.

Delta Anchor 7.5 kg stainless 16.5 lb  Sale Price :  299 CAD

Shipping :  26 CAD

Model: DASS7_5    upc:763985864349


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