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8.8' inflatable boat w FIBERGLASS FLOOR (GYF-270)

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8.8 inflatable with fiberglass floor 8.8 inflatable with fiberglass floor
small dinghy with fiberglass floor
Inflatable boat with fiberglass floor

    8.8 ft inflatable A similar model and design to our famous 7 footer; although equipped to aboard a family of three! Clips to dock boat on either sides of the nose of the raft making it easy for the passengers to a board and depart. Along with shaped edges along the side of the GYF- 270, creating a quick slide over calm and rough waters. Featured with light weight paddles on either side, easily accessible. These paddles are tamed with a specialized gripping quality to insure tight grip when rowing. The tip of the paddles are specifically shaped in a shape to cut through water quickly. Rough and tough material of the exterior of the inflatable boats, quick and easy to maneuver with, honeycomb fibreglass deck acquired for securing a safe ride.

8.8' inflatable boat w FIBERGLASS FLOOR (GYF-270)  Sale Price :  974 CAD

Shipping :  103 CAD

Model: GYF270    upc:763985862802


Overall Length : 8.8 ' (270cm)     
Overall Width : 4.10' (146cm) or 57 inches     
Number of chambers : 3+1 (Bow, Starboard, Portside) + Keel     
Inside width : 28 inches (70cm)     
Tube diameter : 15" (38 cm)     
Max person capacity : 3 adults     
Max engine power : 7 hp     
Net weight : 105 lbs (48 kg)     
Max load capacity : 1 058 lbs (480 kg)     
Max air pressure boat : 3.5 psi (0.24 bar)     
Tubes and hull material : 0.9 mm PVC coated -1100 Dtex polyester fabric     

1- Storage / Carrying bag for inflatable boat

1- Set of aluminum colapsable oars

1- Foot pump with adapter for H-R valve

1-Repair kit (comes with 2 PVC fabric patches and 60 grams glue )

1-Plywood bench seat

1- Towing rope

1-Owner manual

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