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Pump For Inflatable Boats with Digital Control and battery

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electric pump for inflatable boat with built in battery electric pump for inflatable boat with built in battery
High speed electric pump for inflatable boat
Stand UP Board Pump electric with Build in Battery

    Electric 12 volts pump for inflatable boats with built-in battery ,digital pressure control and LCD screen.

Actual pressure is shown as a number in Kpa on the left side of the LCD display . Set pressure displayed on the right side of LCD display.
This is two stage pump.
When the pump starts it will be on a HIGH VOLUME (Turbine) pump until the pressure reaches 2-3 PSI. Then the pump will automatically switch over to the HIGH PRESSURE (Piston) pump and inflate the boat to its set pressure.Pressure setting in KPA and PSI .
Once reaching the set pressure the pump will automatically turn itself off. High-pressure inflator pump automatically stops at the Boat/ SUP pressure level that you selected. These pumps are not only excellent for quickly inflating boats and rafts, but also great for quickly filling inflatable high-pressure air deck floors and stand up paddleboards to up to 10-12psi air pressure.

Set of generic plastic adapters designed to fit most of air valves
Soft carry bag with storage compartments and carry strap
One NARU VALVE with 2 silicone gaskets
6 ft flex hose
Wall outlet charger for the battery

Max /recomended pressure for inflatable boats:

TUBES / CHAMBERS 3.6 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 25 KPa 3 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 20 KPa
KEEL 5 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 35 KPa 4.3 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 30 KPa
HIGH PRESSURE INFLATBLE FLOOR 10 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 70 KPa 8.7 PSI (Pounds per square Inch ) or 60 KPa

Should you want to convert from other pressure units please use CONVERSION FACTORS table below

  • 1 PSI= 0.0689476 BAR
  • 1 BAR= 14.50326 PSI
  • 1 kPa= 0.145 PSI
  • 1 BAR =100 kPa
  • Pump For Inflatable Boats with Digital Control and battery  Sale Price :  234 CAD

    Shipping :  33 CAD

    Model: 80DBLI    upc:763985863861


    Maximum pressure : 11.6 psi (80 kpa)     
    Inlet air volume : 500 L/min     
    Working voltage : 12 volts / 110 - 240 volt     
    Maximum period of continuous work : 15 min     
    Internal battery's capacity : 7.2 AH     
    Shipping size : 15" x 8 " x 8 "(37 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm)     
    Shipping weight : 14 lbs (6 kg)     

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