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Boat Buoy Mooring Fender 21.5 inches 

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Boat mooring dock fender Boat mooring dock fender
Boat mooring buoy 21.5 in diameter with sizes

    21.5 inches Boat Buoy/fender designed for protection your yachts,sailboat or motorboat from damage when mooring at the dock.

Boat buoy constructed from flexible and resilient marine grade vinyl.

BOAT BUOY features

  • Extra tough rope eyeIdeal for use with shackles
  • Superior valve design conveniently located in the rope eye for increased durability
  • Single valve system for ease of inflation and deflation also helps prevent leaks and stripping
  • Great for boats of all sizes and mooring applications
  • High gloss finish
  • Molded-in UV inhibitors and fungicides
  • Materials: PVC

    Boat Mooring Buoy available in colors:

    Buoys are shipped deflated to save on shipping costs and inflation needle is included. 

    The buoys are easily inflated by compressor using footboll neddle (included)
    Boat Buoy

    It is recommended to place one fender for every 10 ft of boat waterline length, but no less than 3 total.

    Boat Buoy Mooring Fender 21.5 inches  Sale Price :  104 CAD

    Shipping :  26 CAD

    Model: A50    upc:763985864837


    Fender diameter : 55 cm (21.5 inches)     
    Fender length : 60 cm (23 inches)     
    Buoyancy : 190 lbs     
    Eye Diameter : 40 mm (1-9/16 inches )     
    Recommended for boats : 50 - 60 ft     
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