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9'10" inflatable boat)HIGH PRESSURE AIR  FLOOR 

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10 ft Inflatable boat with air deck floor lightweight 10 ft Inflatable boat with air deck floor lightweight
Inflatable boat with high pressure air deck 10 ft  long 5 ft wid
lightweight inflatable boat in  Vancouver CANADA
10 ft lightweight inflatable boat in  British Columbia CANADA

    AAquamarine GYC 300 10 ft inflatable boat ideal for any outdoor recreation event including fishing, yacht tenders, exploring, or cruising .
Lightweight (85 lbs only ), practical is easy carried in it's compact bag and can be stowed in small spaces as car trunk.
The air mat floor is cleverly designed with thousand of polyester threads criss-crossing one another, it is inflated to a high pressure (max 10 psi ), proving as tough and rigid as a conventional wooden floor boat but light weight and comfortable to stand on . Standard features of 10 ft inflatable boat with air deck floor - GYC 300: V-bottom (inflatable keel ) Stainless steel towing rings Side carry hand handles Carrying bag Fold down locking oars with holders One way drain plug Patch kit 8mm towing rope Reinforcement strips rubbing strake to for extra strength where you need it most - under keel. Reinforced DOUBLE PVC fabric underneath tubes.

9'10" inflatable boat)HIGH PRESSURE AIR FLOOR  Sale Price :  1170 CAD

Shipping :  116 CAD

Model: GYC300    upc:763985862598


Overall LengthThe maximum length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline.: 9.8 ( 300 cm) 9.8 ( 300 cm)     
Overall Width (beam)The width at the widest point of inflatable boat: 5 (153cm) 5 (153cm)     
Inside length : 7.2'(218cm)     
Inside width : 26 inches (66.04 cm)     
Number of chambers : 3+1+1 Bow, Starboard, Portside,Keel ,Air deck     
Tube diameterDiameter of the main pontoon / tube: 16.9" (43 cm) 16.9" (43 cm)     
Max load capacity : 682 lbs (309 kg)     
Max person capacityThe recommended maximum number of persons marked on a capacity label for an inflatable boat: 4adults +1kid 4adults +1kid     
Max engine powerThe recommended maximum power for outboard powered inflatable boat: 10 Hp (7 KW) 10 Hp (7 KW)     
Max engine weightMax engine and related equipment total weight: 110 Lbs (50 Kg) 110 Lbs  (50 Kg)     
Max Gross loadingRecommended maximum gross load: 792 Lbs (359 Kg) 792 Lbs (359 Kg)     
Recommended motor shaft : 15" short - shaft     
Hull materialTube fabric: 0.9 mm PVC coated -1100 Dtex polyester fabric 0.9 mm PVC coated -1100 Dtex polyester fabric     
Hull unit weightWeight of the hull of vessel NOT including floor, railings, console, seats, and any other structures.: 63 lbs (28.6 kg) 63 lbs (28.6 kg)     
Boat overall weightWeight of the vessel including deck, railings, console, seats, and any other permanent structures and fittings: 90 lbs (41 kg) 90 lbs (41 kg)     
Shipping size : 44" x  24 " x 12 "  (113x62x30cm)     
Shipping weight : 103 lbs     

  • 1- Boat carrying bag

  • 1 -Set of aluminum  oars

  • 1 -Foot pump

  • 1 -Repair kit comes with 2 repair fabrics patches and 60g glue

  • 2- Wooden Seat

  • 1-8mm towing rope

  • Instruction manual

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