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Cayman B Wired Foot Controller

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Foot control for bow mount cayman Haswing trolling motor Foot control for bow mount cayman Haswing trolling motor
Foot control for Cayman Trolling motor
Haswing foot Contol features
How to connect haswing Cayman Trolling motor to foot pedal

    Foot control for Cayman B 55 lbs Bow Mount Electric Motor ,Cayman T 55 transom Mount Haswing trolling motor and 80 LBS Cayman PRO bow mount electric motor.

Haswing Foot control comes with 14.7 feet cable.

Haswing Foot pedal connection to Cayman Trolling motors:

Align trolling motor connector arrow to Foot control connector arrow Screw collar when plug is mated to receptacle for watertight connection .
Haswing Cayman foot control trolling motor connection
Haswing Foot Control operation instructions:
  • Press the key on the foot controller by the heel and use the footrest to change the position
  • Press the button with the propeller icon to activate the motor (1 beep)
  • Press the 'bunny' or 'turtle' icon buttons to adjust the trolling speed.
  • To stop the motor, press propeller icon button
  • Press "left" or "right" icon buttons to turn a trolling motor.
Haswing Cayman foot control motor Operation

Cayman B Wired Foot Controller  Sale Price :  104 CAD

Shipping :  39 CAD

Model: B0003    upc:9580208508009


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