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OARS for Inflatable boat (Grey) 63"

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Oars for inflatable boat 63  inches long grey Oars for inflatable boat 63  inches long grey
Collapsible oars for inflatable boat
Oar , paddle for inflatable boat with oar lock shaft 10 mm

    These oars are made of lightweight aluminum shaft with gray molded plastic blades that will stand up to years of no maintained use. Two PIECE CONSTRUCTION FOR EASY STORAGE or transport These are designed for our fishing inflatable boats . Aluminum oars connect with oarlock pins for fast, comfortable rowing. Collapsible for easy transport. When connected they total 63". Blade is 7 " wide and 10" long. Light weight 1.4 lbs (0.5 kg) per oar . Diameter is 1.18 inches or 30 mm.

OARS for Inflatable boat (Grey) 63"  Sale Price :  59 CAD

Shipping :  18 CAD

Model: O160G    upc:763985863434


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