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7.5 ft inflatable FISHING dinghy heavy duty boat fabric 7.5 ft inflatable FISHING dinghy heavy duty boat fabric
7.5 ft inflatable FISHING dinghy heavy duty boat fabric top view

    7.5 ft Inflatable fishing dinghy PRO SERIES built from thick 1.2 mm PVC to withstand hard wear, bad weather and meant To Stand The Test Of Time.


Shipping :  104 CAD

Model: GYT230FI    upc:763985863458


Overall LengthThe maximum length of a vessel's hull measured parallel to the waterline.: 7.5 ft (230 cm) 7.5 ft (230 cm)     
Overall Width (beam)The width at the widest point of inflatable boat: 5' (153cm) 5' (153cm)     
Inside length : 55 " (139 cm)      
Inside width : 26 inches (66.04 cm)      
Number of chambers : 3+1 (Bow, Starboard, Portside) + Keel     
Tube diameterDiameter of the main pontoon / tube: 15" (38 cm) 15" (38 cm)      
Max load capacity : 456 lbs (207 kg)      
Max person capacityThe recommended maximum number of persons marked on a capacity label for an inflatable boat: 2adults +1 child 2adults +1 child      
Max engine powerThe recommended maximum power for outboard powered inflatable boat: 3 HP (2kW) 3 HP (2kW)     
Max engine weightMax engine and related equipment total weight: 40.12 lbs (18.2 kg) 40.12 lbs (18.2 kg)      
Max Gross loadingRecommended maximum gross load: 496 lbs (225 kg) 496 lbs (225 kg)      
Recommended motor shaft : 15" short - shaft      
Hull materialTube fabric: 1.2 mm PVC coated -1200 Dtex polyester fabric 1.2 mm PVC coated -1200 Dtex polyester fabric     
Hull unit weightWeight of the hull of vessel NOT including floor, railings, console, seats, and any other structures.:     
Boat overall weightWeight of the vessel including deck, railings, console, seats, and any other permanent structures and fittings:     
Shipping size : 45" x 25 "x 15 " (113 x 62 x 35 cm)      
Shipping weight : 120 lbs (54 kg)      

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