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Trolling motor 40 lbs electric outboard

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Trolling motor 40 lbs Osapian electric Trolling motor 40 lbs Osapian electric
Propeller for Trolling motor engine
Control for electric trolling motor
Battery meter for electric trolling motor 40 lbs
Trolling motor motor mount Trolling electric motor for fishing boat Trolling electric motor for inflatable boat Trolling electric motor for fishing boat 5 speed control for  trolling electric motor

    Our selection of trolling motors with electric power offers a quiet motion movement. This 40 lb Osapian made brand is smooth on the water and enables the passenger to easily maneuver the steering. It comes along with a strong held composite shaft which has flexibility and option. The tilting throttling handle is adjustable with 10 positions. The handles create flexibility and comfort, making it possible to lift the handle to a 45 degree up, down or parallel. This option allows the passenger to install and uninstall with ease, also transportation of this trolling motor was made light duty and easy to transport. The trolling motor has built in controlling electric options that accurately show the battery life and easy to clip on cables onto the battery pack. The 40lb electric trolling motor carries with a throttles along the water with comfort, the twisting handle is also easy to change gears and push the boat from slow to higher speeds. The power of the Osapian 40lb is all a fisherman or family man needs, giving you the ability to take your dinghy out on the waters without having to use any effort necessary. Trolling motor - 40lb, try it.

299  $

Trolling motor 40 lbs electric outboard  Sale Price :  208 CAD

Shipping :  39 CAD

Model: 12TMO40   


Thrust Level : 40 pounds (lbs) trust     
Shaft Length : 33.5 "(850 mm)     
Voltage : 12 volts     
Speed control : 5 speed levels forward / 3 speed levels rever     
Build in battery meter : 5 levels battery indication     
Output (Max) : 480W     
Amp -Rated : 36-40 Amps     
Conrol Handle : Extend -length 13.7"(350mm)/fold angle 110     
Mount type : 10 levels transom mount lock bracket     
Propeller : 2 blade propeller     
Max size boat recommended : 13 ft (4.7m ) / load  320kg     
Packing size : 130x45x20cm     
Net weight : 15.7 lbs (7.1 kg)     
Package weight : 24 lbs (10 kg)     

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