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Boat Seat Swivel Mount Removable Bracket 

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Removable quick release boat swivel Removable quick release boat swivel
Quick release boat seat Swivel Marine yacht

    The quick release 360 degree seat swivel is ideal for multiple seat locations around the deck, or for easy seat removal for security or storage.
A quick disconnect release lever, when pressed firmly, releases the swivel from its base.
Perfect for marines boat seats or barstool or your DIY chair projects.
Boat swivel mount
A standard 7" x 7" mounting pattern is used for most seats.
Boat seat  swivel mount
The quick disconnect mount allows the boat seat swivel 360 degree on the low profile corrosion proof disc and can also be removed for easy transport or storage.

Boat Seat Swivel Mount Removable Bracket  Sale Price :  33 CAD

Shipping :  16 CAD

Model: BOSW3891    upc:763985864677


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