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Jockey console ,Seat, FIberglass

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Jockey  console seat fiberglass for inflatable  boat Jockey  console seat fiberglass for inflatable  boat
Jockey console for  inflatable dinghy with dimensions
JOCKEY CONSOLE Seat MOULDING Rib Boat Inflatable Back
Jockey console for boat front view
Fiberglass seat  for  inflatable boatSeat for inflatable boat

    Fiberglass two person Jockey console provides seating and sterling solution for medium size soft bottom inflatable boats and Rigid bottom inflatable boats.Designed to accommodate the driver and passenger, without taking up too much floor space. The efficient design and incorporated storage space under the seat can be used for fuel tank or battery .

726.7  $

Jockey console ,Seat, FIberglass  Sale Price :  650 CAD

Shipping :  207 CAD

Model: JC05    upc:763985862819


Overall lengthOverall length of the console on the bottom: 45" (115 cm) 45" (115 cm)     
Overall width Overall width of the console : 13" (33cm) 13" (33cm)     
Height of the seatOverall Height of the seat back : 23.5" (53.5 cm) 23.5" (53.5 cm)     
Height of the consoleHeight of the console front: 27" (67 cm) 27" (67 cm)     
Length of the seat Overall length of the seat cushion: 31.5" (80cm) 31.5" (80cm)     
Total WeightWeight of Fiberglass Jockey Console with cushion: 46 lbs (20.85kg) 46 lbs (20.85kg)     
Shipping size : 48" x 36" x 20"     
Shipping weight : 60 lbs (27kg)     
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