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Heavy Duty Launching wheels -Stainless

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Heavy duty Boat launching wheels Stainless Heavy duty Boat launching wheels Stainless
Boat launching wheels Heavy duty
HEAVY duty Boat wheels assembly

    Heavy Duty Boat Launching wheels for Inflatable, aluminum and Fibreglass Boats with Hard transom.

Launching wheels will fit almost any boat with maximum weight 450 Lb (200 kg ) if launched in soft sand or 500 lbs if boat launched on Hard surfaces.
These launching wheels specially designed for heavy boats (300-400 lbs ) and equipped with pneumatic 16 inches tires and needle roller bearing build in rims for easy launch on the rocky or soft sand surface.
Brackets build of heavy duty 3mm stainless steel with 6 hole patent.

Removal of the two lower lock pins allows the wheels to be pivoted, swiveled up and locked in an upright position. Removal of all four stainless pins releases the entire wheel assembly and allows take wheels off when you get to the water.

CAUTION : The launching wheels is not designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Damage may occur and will void the warranty.

Heavy Duty Launching wheels -Stainless  Sale Price :  220 CAD

Shipping :  26 CAD

Model: HDLTW16ST    upc:763985864844


Launching wheels diameter : 16 Inches with Bearing      
Wheel type : Pneumatic Air-filled Tires     
Launching wheels Brackets Material : Stainless steel Brackets     
Max load capacityRecomended Maximum weight load for launching dolly wheels: 450 Lbs (200 kg ) 450 Lbs (200 kg )     
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