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Kayak Boat Canoe Dolly Cart Trailer Carrier Trolley Wheels 

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Kayak Canoe Dolly Cart Trailer Carrier Trolley Wheels   Kayak Canoe Dolly Cart Trailer Carrier Trolley Wheels
Launching  wheels for kayak canoe
Canoe dolly cart trailer
Kayak Dolly cart  with dimmensions

    Kayak Transport Cart Dolly.
Made of aluminium pipe (20 x2mm) anodized and Stainless steel.
The Kayak cart is made to assist with transporting a canoe or kayak from the car to the water as effortless as possible.
The cart is very easy to use and extremely convenient! It is designed to hold a canoe or kayak by the hull in a V-shaped cradle with 3 1/2"(L) foam bumpers on each arm. Cradle arms are connected together with a 13" nylon strap to prevent the cradle from opening too far.
It features a 9 1/4"(H) spring-loaded stand for quick loading out of water, large 9 1/2" diameter inflatable tires and a solid metal frame for long lasting use.
Easily rest a kayak or canoe on the dolly cart platform, strap it down.
Kayak cart foldable for easily storage and transport.

Kayak Launching dolly

Kayak Boat Canoe Dolly Cart Trailer Carrier Trolley Wheels  Sale Price :  78 CAD

Shipping :  20 CAD

Model: KD10    upc:753510098783


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