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Canoe trolling motor mount 3 HP MAX

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Canoe Motor Mount Canoe Motor Mount
Heavy duty mount for Canoes
Motor mount for canoe Kayaks
Wingnut clip for canoe motor Mount

    Hinged Motor Mount for Canoe. Motor mount made of strong rigid aluminum and can hold engine up to 3 HP. Canoe Motor mount is also 30 inches long and used on just about all canoes.
Canoe motor mounts clamp quickly and easily into the stern seat and provide an easy-access mount location for the small motor.
Made with 3/8 inches aluminium 2 1/2 inches wide. The wood is 1 1/8 inches solid Marine ash dipped with waterproof varnish and cut at an angle so the motor will set up straight.
It is adjustable to width and reversible for switching to either side of the canoe.
Heavy duty jaws for the gunwale clamps. Mounting is easy and the clips are unique. No tools necessary . After installation you can check tightness when canoe on the water .
This is one rugged , strong mount and will hold up to years of abuse.

 Heavy duty Canoe Motor Mount

97.5  $

Canoe trolling motor mount 3 HP MAX  Sale Price :  91 CAD

Shipping :  26 CAD

Model: CMM3    upc:753510099247


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