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Inflatable Boat Ladder 2 steps

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Inflatable boat Ladder Inflatable boat Ladder

    2 step Ladder for Inflatable Boat,dinghy , rigid Inflatable Boats No more struggles getting back on board of Inflatable Boat.
Boat Ladder incorporated contour design hugs the hull for side boarding and vinyl sleeve for hull fabric protection.
Ladders build from durable 1" diameter anodized aluminum tube. This ladder rests firm against the inflatable and just about propels you into the boat. Dinghy ladder great for our snorkeling trips or diving.
Attaches to floorboards or side d-rings with 3/8" line and swivel snap.

Inflatable Boat Ladder 2 steps  Sale Price :  104 CAD

Shipping :  26 CAD

Model: EOO2    upc:763985865087


Overall Length : 43 cm (17 Inches)     
Overall Width : 40 cm (16 inchs)     
Max load capacity : 135 kg (300 lbs)     
Shipping size : 48 cm x 41cm x 12 cm     
Shipping weight : 1.5 kg (3 lbs)     
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