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Boat Bow Motor mount kit Stainless

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Bow Mount Platform for inflatable boat stainless Bow Mount Platform for inflatable boat stainless
Platform Mount for Inflatable boats for bow trolling motors
Inflatable boat bow mount for  GPS  motor foldable
Inflatable boat bow mount with glue on pedestals
Bow mount for inflatable boat with sizes for trolling motor

    Removable Bow Mount platform for Inflatable boats and dinghies. Designed for bow mount trolling motors, fishing finder, GPS, phone mount, cup holder or VHF radio.
Bow mount for trolling motors on inflatable boat
Ideal inflatable boat mount if you require the ability to easily remove or attach your accessories.
Bow mount platform also provides extra useful space on your inflatable boat.
Bow mount  trolling motor on inflatable dinghy Made of stainless steel 0.8 inch tube and one inch marine plywood.

Bow mount comes with 4 glue-on pedestals and 2 tubes x 30 grams of glue for PVC Inflatables.

Boat Bow Motor mount kit Stainless  Sale Price :  169 CAD

Shipping :  26 CAD

Model: BMMT_ST    upc:763985864608


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