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Underseat bag

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Undeseat stoarge bag with Cushion for inflatable boat Undeseat stoarge bag with Cushion for inflatable boat
Underseat bag  for  10 - 11 ft inflatable boat
Under bench seat  storage bag for fishing boat
removable under bench seat storage bag for inflatable boat
Storage bag for inflatable fishing boat

    Designed to hang from an inflatable boat's rigid seat, The Underseat Storage Bag helps keep clutter off the floor of your inflatable boat by delivering much needed out-of-the-way storage. Perfect for storing life jackets, flares, camera , first aid kit and other essential gear. Underseat storage bags for AQUAMARINE boats . fit seats dimensions: 37.5" x 8" or 39.5" x 8"

49.4  $

Underseat bag  Sale Price :  46 CAD

Shipping :  20 CAD

Model: ST300_U    upc:763985862680


Cushion seat length Longest dimmention of the seat cushion: 34 " (87 cm) 34 " (87 cm)     
Cushion seat width : 8"  (20 cm)     
Detachable bag lenght : 27 " (68 cm)     
Detachable bag width : 8.5 " (22 cm)     
Detachable bag deep : 10" (26 cm)     
Main color : Blue     

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