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Motor mount kit outboard bracket

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Motor mount for inflatable dinghy Motor mount for inflatable dinghy
trolling motor mount kit for inflatable boat dinghy

    Removable Motor mount for inflatable boats. Fits most sizes of PVC or hypalon boats.(please be advised that PVC glue included with the kit).
Corrosion resistant coatings protect metal components against degradation. Motor mount kit designed for outboards up to 3.5 HP petrol or electric trolling motors.
Outboard engine braket kit comes with 4 x Pedestals & 30g tube of glue for PVC inflatable boats included with the kit .
Motor mount kit could be instalated on the bow of the inflatable boat or on the stern of inflatable boat(for inflatables without transom).
Removable bow or stern motor mount can be used for many fishing accessories.

Inflatable boat motor mount dimensions - bow or stern.Motor mount for inflatable boat with dimensions

Motor mount kit outboard bracket  Sale Price :  78 CAD

Shipping :  33 CAD

Model: MKOB12    upc:763985863526


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