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Tunnel hull boat 

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    This Aquamarine tunnel inflatable boat also known as SPEED BOAT designed for racing . The main reason of SPEED-boat unbelievable speed and control ability is special designed tunnel hull. Tunnel hull is constructed with two parallel skegs or keels running the entire length of the hull on both the port and starboard pontoons made of tubular high-pressure inflatable compartments called hijackers.

Tunnel hull boat  Sale Price :  1820 CAD

Shipping :  260 CAD

Model: DYG380    upc:763985862734


Overall Length : 12.46 feet (380 cm)     
Overall Width : 5.77 feet (176 cm)     
Number of chambers : 4  main chambers     
Tube diameter : 17.7" (45 cm)     
Floor design : Plywood boards     
Net weight : 183 lbs ( 83  kg )     
Max air pressure boat : 3.5 psi (0.24 bar)     
Max load capacity :     
Packing size: : 59"x31.4"x19.7"(150cm x 80 cm x 50cm )     
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